Douglas - Capital of the Isle of Man - JHLPHOTOGRAPHY

Summerland Remains - Douglas - Isle of Man - September 01, 2017

The remains of the Aquadrome section of Summerland photographed 11 years after demolition. This section was left intact to support the cliff face which was a feature of the interior of the building. It is actually a cross section of the swimming pool with remains of the tiered seating, heating pipes, diving board and staircases visible.

5o people died on August 2, 1973 in a major fire caused by youths playing with matches in a kiosk outside the main building. A fire started in the kiosk spread to the building cladding which comprised Galbestos and Oroglas many were unable to escape due to locked fire doors. Only the youths being prosecuted for criminal damage to the kiosk for which they received a small fine.

The Summerland Complex was rebuilt after the fire on a more modest scale, the Aquadrome having received only minor damage. Closure came in 2004. As yet no buyer has been found for the site.

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