My entire life has revolved around transport and industrial history related interests. Since around the age of 5 photography has been an inseparable associated past time.

The focus of my transport interest has changed over the years and today shipping subjects account for the many of my photographs. However, in recent years I have started revisiting other areas such as railways - in particular heritage railways.

An interest in Industrial Archaeology and History also developed in my early years after being taken to visit abandoned mines in Cornwall. 

My mother's bakelite Kodak Brownie 127 camera was the first camera I used around 1964. The following year I received a my own more up-to date model Brownie 127 which at least had film / shutter release interlock preventing unwanted double or even triple exposures and even had a clip on flash which used real bulbs - if you could get it to work!

By 1969 I had the loan of my grandfather's Praktica Nova 1 SLR and as I reached my teens in the early 1970s I had become hooked on slide photography using mainly Agfa CT stock. A vast collection of slides being taken through to 2002 when I switched to digital photography full time after a two year transition period. 

A succession of cameras mainly Rollei, Contax and Leica have followed my Grandfather's long worn out Praktica Nova which I still retain as a keepsake. I now use a range of Leica cameras: V-lux 3,  X1, X-Vario and an M262 range finder.

Since 1995 I have run the Irish Sea Shipping web site at which features many of my ship photographs. The Irish Sea Shipping web site is no longer active however is now maintained as an online resource.

I hope you enjoy the photographs on these pages.

John H. Luxton 

May 25,  2018

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Early Days 1961 & 1965