Aller and the Luxton "Clan"

The village of Aller is of considerable significance in my family history. My great grandfather William Luxton (died 1912) is buried in St Andrew’s Church yard along with his daughter Dorothy Isabel Luxton (died 1925). He was a farmer at nearby Burrow Bridge.

My paternal grandfather Harold William Luxton left the Burrow Bridge farm following a dispute with his mother Annie Luxton after returning from service in the Royal Navy during the First World War. My grandfather moved to Fleetwood in Lancashire where he married and worked in the fishing industry until moving to Liverpool in 1938 and setting himself up as a retailer.

Early in 2020 when going through some old family papers I found an order of service for the funeral service of Dorothy Isabel Luxton in 1925 and stating she was interred in Aller Churchyard. Further research online revealed she was in the same grave as my great grandfather. Therefore, I decided to visit the church on one of my regular visits to the West Country in September 2020.

Not only did I locate my paternal great grandfather / great aunt’s grave I also noted there were four their graves of the “Luxton Clan” in the church yard. At present I am still trying to assemble my family history and would ask if there are any other Luxton clan members out there that could assist me further in fleshing out my family history.